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You can do a beautiful excursions by sports craft at  the splendid  Reserve of Zingaro or in the archiphelago of Egadi.

The Reserve  of Zingaro:

The fascinating excursion by fishing-boat or sports craft, from the harbour of Castellammare del Golfo or di San Lo Capo to rhe reserve of Zingaro will move you deeply.


The journey starts with the uncintaiminated area of the nature reserve along a corurse of 7 Kilometres, characterized by a sheer cliff to the sea, wonderful coves and pebbled inlets, surrounded by a natural enviroment which maintained its characteristics. 


Step by step you pass through the unequalled naturalistic tresures of this area. When you desire you can stop and dive to admire the sea floor  or bathe.


Arcipelago of the Egadi:

From the smaal fishing port with rubber boat starting around the Egadi islands what are certainly the most beautiful in italy, full of colour and extraordinary natural beauty. 

Excursion discovering the secrets of the coast and unlimited caves stopping the bathe  and the taste typical products on board such as: dried tuna-fish, cheese, home-made brown bread from  Castelvetrano anf fragant local white wines.


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