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The Belice estuary and dunes nature reserve


          His strect of coastline with fine sand is certainly one of the most beautiful in the whole of Sicily, an environment which - apart from its scientific inerest, offers truly wonderful landscapes.

          Is a high evocative complex made made up of a system of coastal dunes which reaching inland as far as seventy or eighty metres, with a height going up to five or six metres, and an estuary area rich in marshland vegetation of a type wich iis now rare.

dune of Sicily

          Both the dunes, continually modified by often violent wind action, and the estuary house an extremely important vegetable and animal community which has been adapted to the extreme climating conditions.

          Among the plants in the dune system there stand out in particular the very thorny CentaureaSoldanella with its fine pink flowers, marine Eringio with robust thorns, the Santolina aromatic beach Artemisia, Onnide embellished by tiny yellow flowers, Tamerice shrubs and spectacular  Acacie.

          Thanks to the serenity, the solitude, anf of course the particular environmental characteristics, in the Belice estuary we find ducks, herons and seagulls, while in the flat low areas behind the dunes, one can easily se cuckos, olles and orioles.

          Is easily see in the dunes nature reserve the ramarro, largest sauro sicialian that conserve nearly an aspect from preistorical animal and, with a little fortune, also the marine turtles come to lay their eggs on these magnificent beaches.

        However, it is to be remembered that the area is an "integral nature reserve", in which the nural environment is be preserved in its entirety and in all its attributes, both as regards single boligical populations and their interection; hence the visitor coming into contact with this area which is so interesting regarding nature and landscape must show the greatest respect for it.


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