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Buseto Palizzolo


Little center of the trapanese, until 1950, common year in which divenne independent, has been fraction of the common one of Erice, of which it has followed the historical vicissitudes.

The first mention of Buseto (BUSITH) laughed them to 1241, when upon presentment of King Federico II of Sweden it comes annexed to the territory of of the Saint Mount university Giuliano.

panorama of Buseto

The optimal one upgrades them of lands made that in XV the century the territory was subdivided in parrecchiate and entrusted, behind payment, to moral and religious Agencies until the 1629 year in which, in order to make forehead running expenses, the university ericina sold great part of the territory to feudatari.

To be birth therefore the first beams, important constructions of architectonic interest and true capolavori of the handicraft building, still today admirable, in which the feudatari and the peasants they lived.

The beams nearly turn out to be always near sources of water, to trazzere and ways and in position dominated, from where it was easy to control the parrecchiata one. 

This distribution influences still today on the lived one puts into effect them.The houses of Buseto for are scattered to the stratums of the mount and its inhabitants are many legacies to the traditions and their main activities are, today like a time, agriculture and the breeding.

More bonds make part of the traditions also local cakies, with fichi and almonds, than they are prepared in the christmas period. The religious recurrences particularly are felt from the busetani, than every year they organize the spectacular  processione of Sunday of the Palms  and, the 16 July, the evocative iaccolata nocturnal processione with in honor of Maria SS del Carmelo, female saint of the country.


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