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The reserve Marine of the Egadi islands 


Of most recent institution it is the Resere Marine of the Egadi, the whose  sounding have everal and peculiar charatteristics from being able itself to define only in their kind. 

Various infinity of species of pelagics fish and stables, crustaceans and mollus, invertebrates and madrepore find in this angle of sea their ideal habitat.

For he fond of sub the Egadi archipelago hasn't envy to the most famous tropical seas. In every period of the year, with whichever time, the sub it will be able to be dipped in the cold seas, whether from a reef whether the wide one of the coasts.

The more spectacular points you can reach only boat and the immersions to Levanzo and Marettimo are possible only way to sea.

Is necessary to signal that zone of interdiction to the fish and to the immersions in "the archaeological" area comprised between the tip south-east of Favignana and the Sicily.

Here it has been carried out in the 241 a.C., during the puniche wars, a great naval battle between four hundred Carthaginian ships and three hundred trireme roman and on i found them still find the rests of many property left at death ones. 

            For the immersions the permissions are grant from the municipality of Favignana. For who it wanted on the islands underwater centers in a position to satisfying the requirements of all operate.  

         Even if accessible to all, the sea of the Egadi Archipelago isn't "easy" sea in how much unforeseeable one and to face it without to know it is not prudent.  

         We advise therefore to dip itself accompanies from a guide whom it knows to you with certainty where to go and to be able therefore to enjoy the extraordinary wonders fully that only it reserve can offer.



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