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           Habited since the paleolitico, Levanzo is known above for Genovese Cove, in which there are decorations and graffiti considered the most interesting in Italy and are compared to the graffiti of Altamira in Spain.       

the village of Levanzo

On the walls, ten or fifteen thousand years ago, a skilled hand traced out men, women, children and fish.

         Levanzo numbers moreover the discovery of 150 anchors of lead, found again some year ago on I found them of the east coast that are made to go back to the battle between Cartaginesi and Romani of the 241 a.C., and the most ancient system in stone for the working of the fish. 

         Its coasts are nearly inaccessible, steep like they are on the sea, and is lacking in roads. faraglioni di Levanzo







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