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         The tourist who reaches Public square Castle, after to have left to the shoulders the complex of the Madonna of the Cove, the building fortified constructed from the normanni is adorned in XII the century and part destroyed in XVI the century during the Turkish raids.

         Continuing for Dagoti street and then in Amendola street it is reached in Matteotti public square, ancient the wide one of Mazara Door from where it is feed via XI december, "Cassaro" dictates, where they meet the baroque Church of Saint Maria of Thanks, of XVII the century, the elegant Palace Senatorio, built up in 1576, the Church of Saint Giuseppe, of the XVII the century and in baroque style, and finally the monumental complex of the sixteenth century of Saint Peter, from the characteristic final tower with one cupside covered in majolica.

         It is therefore joints in public square of the Republic dominated from the Dome, founded in age normanna and dedicated to Saint Tommaso di Canterbury, the Cathedral was then reconstructed in huge way to the end of 1600 for seriously being damaged during the last world war.

         In the contiguous premises to the Dome the Museum of the Tapestries has center that exposes eight splendid fleming tapestries of XVI the century donates you from monsignor Lombardic Antonio to the church Mother in 1859. 

         From Garibaldi street is arrived to the majestic "Door of Sea", surmounted on the external side from the real Eagle, to whose left there is the majestic Palace of the Town hall risen to the end of XVII the century and crowned from merlons of the Spanish Military Quarter.

         On the right, instead, it shows the eighteenth-century Church of the Given pain one that it guards the Virgin Mary venerated from the people, while little distant is the Church of the Purgatorio, dominated from a rich baroque facade whose tortili columns and the two small lateral bell towers are the elements decorated you of I enunciate of the facade.

         Covering therefore Garraffa street the former Church of the Carmine with its convent is caught up at first and then the eighteenth-century Fici Palace from us can be caught up, covering Diaz street , exceeded New Door which approaches Public square Victoria.

From the communal garden Clevises and l Theatre Empire, the Roman Insula, datable imperial country-recidencs very conserved between aim of the II and the beginnings of III the century can here be caught up d.C., the small church of San Giovanni Batiste, in which it finds the so-called Cove of the Sibilia and the interesante Archaeological Museum of Anselmi Beam in which the only example to the world is conserved of "liburna", an agile punica ship from the length of 35 meters.


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