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          Although the numerous incursions of Goes Mazara has maintained it in the centuries a discreet artistic and historical patrimony that of ago sure worthy of a deepened visit.

         For who it arrives to Mazara can be stopped in quarter Miragghianu quarter where important rests of a catacomb, said of the Blessed souls Pauls, while moving itself in contrade the numerous Roccazzo and Gattolo they are the tombe of the Bronze can you visit.

Outside from center the tower of sight of the Maskaro, built up in the 1584 and situated one in Saint Maria quarter, and the Church of the Virgin Mary of the High deserve a visit also.

the port of Mazara del Vallo

The harbour

Leaving the car the parking of the port the historical visit can be begun covering the vital fulcrum of the city that is the port-channel of forehead to which there is the Church of Saint Nicoḷ Regale, erected in the second half of XII the century.

Entering in the citizen it can therefore be visited the Church of the Purgatorio or Saint Calcedonio, erected in the ' 600, the Church of Sant' Ignazio and the imposing College of the Jesuits, places in public square of the Plebiscite.

Covering via Plebiscite in direction sea the Church of the Carmine can be visitated and the annexed convent, builds up to you in XVI the century. To continue in parallel with the sea until reaching the Cathedral, raised between 1086 and 1093 for wanting of Ruggero, connected to the Episcopal Palace from a built up open bridge in XVI the century. On the same public square the settecentesco Palace of the Seminary rises also to whose inside has center the Diocesano Museum that exposes the treasure of the bishops.

 Finished the visit to the Museum continuing towards Mokarta Public square, where it is possible to see the rests of the castle of Ruggero, in order then to return on if same towards the Church of Caterina Saint, and the Church of Veneranda Saint, going back to the age normanna but ristructurated in XVIII the century.

From hre is easy to catch up Saint Michele square where there is the Church San Michele and annexed monastery of the Benedictine, in order to continue in Goti street from where it is possible to penetrate in the grips alleys and mazes of alleys and courtyards that answer to the traditional quarter Muslim calls to you of the Giudecca and Church Saint Francisco .

In the Arabic quarter, today said Casbah, the Church of Saint Francisco nearly entire reconstructed Assisi to the end of XVII the century on situated of one preesistente is found the normanna church.



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