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Caves of Santa Ninfa


        To the slopes of the Finestrella Mount is situated the Integral Reserve Natural of Santa Ninfa, evocative karst cavity situated to the inside of a gessoso plateau. 

        The karst nature of the plateau is raised from the presence of numerous doline, depressions to shapes of funnel, and the so-called karren, bizarre concretions to be formed thamks at the action of the wind and the water.

        The cave is crossed from two overlapping galleries before, the advanced one, of fossil and dry type, the second one, the inferior, characterized from the presence of the water of a underground torrent. The Beviere, that it slides in deeper galleries much. 

         The Beviere torrent, that it feeds waters reviving to goes them of the cave, is born to the slopes of the Finestrella Mount where is situated also one necropolises paleocristian. 

        The fauna and the flora of the Beviere are of great interest. Porcupines, Curly, Vixens, sicily mouse-spider, nightingales, buzzards, kestrels find, between thymus euphorbia orchids and Mediterranean area, the ideal habitat wild in order to shelter and riproduction of species.

         We advised to visit, always on the Mount Finestrella, the Anthropological Museum.



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