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Lake Preola and "Gorghi Tondi"


         Set in broad valley surrounded by low calcareous hills, the “Gorghi Tondi” and Lake Preola appear to the visitor like a magnificent green and fresh oasis.

         On the slopes of three circular pools and the nearby Lake Preola are surrounded by rich and interesting flora where grow typical plants wich lentisks, terabinths, "serracchio", dwarf palms, teucrium, a rare kind of oak tree and Scabiosa, whose magnificent flowers attain exceptional beauty here, and then, on the margins of the lake, in the marshy areas, reeds, Typhaceae and water lilies. 

         In this authentic paradise find shelter a multitude of species of birds which coots, grebes, wild ducks and red herons,  grey partridges, glossy ibises, river nightingales and others.  

         In the reserve are present also include many birds of prey, such as the imperial kite, the dark kite, the fisching hawk, the cuckoo hawk, the bee-eater, the roller and the hoopoe. 

         Nar the reserve there are the swamps of Capo Feto  whose name derives from the malariche esalaziotion that infected the zone.  The swamps, that in Sicily are by now nearly passings, play an important role in the migratory birds equilibrium. 

         Capo Feto, in fact, in spring and autumn becomes an ideal place of rest for the great flocks of migratory birds that in the driven in swampy vegetation - that he numbers rare plants as illimonium ramosissimum exclusive siculum of this place and of siracusani marshes - he offers many place in which hiding.          



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