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Trapani and Paceco salt pans reserve


       Describe with few line the "Trapani and Paceco salt pans reserve " is risked to falling in the banal one or in the rhetorical.

         The beauty, the sensationally  of this landscape is only; immense the extended one of water appears separated sweetly from darker lines that create geometries of know them that to the sunset they make from contour, with the Egadi islands in distance, to an atmosphere from dream

the mill of the salt

The salt pans are, beyond that a charming landscape, also the testimony of a past of history and job with its flour mills, its beams and the museum of knows them of Nubia, in which the testimonies of the activity of collection are conserved of know them and all the instruments used in passed from the salinari

Here, in a building gained from an old flour mill, it is possible to see, moreover, panels and photos that document as it came carried out this activity anciently.        

         But the salt pans are also an ideal ambient for the aquatic birds us that, in the migratory route North Africa Europe-North, ideal zone of pause and refueling for being able finds one to continue along travel towards Europe, in spring, or towards equatorial Africa in autumn.

         But also the flora, in spite of the strongly selective ambient for the elevated presence of knows them in waters and in the ground, its importance has one thanks to rare the numerous presence of species between which it detaches the marine Calendula, an endemic species that introduces on the special leaves epidermic hairs used after the expulsion of knows accumulates them to you in the cells.


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