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Segesta theatre

The must important Elima city with Erice and Entella conserved most perfect conserve one of and better templi than dorica art, than erge majestic to the center of one wide and evocative valley.

Little distant, on the Barbarian mount, the theatre of the II sec, A.C. that a splendid natural scene offers on goes them below and the gulf of Castellammare is found. 

In the splendid natural scenery create from the steep slope on the theatre goes them segestana becomes the "Scene millenarian for the classics of the world" where, during the summery period, the performing classical recall atmospheres of other times.

          But Segesta was famous also for its terme, still today taken advantage of, and of which Sicilian Diodoro it narrates that they were the nymphs to create them in order to render the rest more comfortable than Ercole.  

In order to more know some…..



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