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Islands of the Stagnone


        The greatest lake of the Sicily extends between the full of rocks spur of the Tip of Saint Teodoro and Lilibeo Head, between Marsala and Trapani and is in communication with the sea opened through the Mouths of Placing North wind and of. 

Atmosphere of remarkable interest and great landscaped effect, it is constituted from the small archipelago of small islands, the Long Island, closes to wide a lagoon from founds them lowest, rich of numerous species of fisch, to the inside of which three islands fall back others: Mozia (or Saint Pantaleo), Saint Maria and the small rock the School.

Draft, in the complex, of ancient plateau an alluvial one, today overwhelmed for effect of the raising of the marine waters that have left discovered the four small islads.

TExcept the rocko called the School, the three small islands are covered from a driven in vegetation that comprises rare Mediterranean associations of species. Is possible to admire, in fact, true and own small wood where they detach Pines of Aleppo, in whose underbrush magnificent exemplary of Palms dwaries, Agaves and some species of orchidee that in spring explode in all their beauty.

Between the rarities, beyond to the common Gladiolo or bizantino, the marine Calendula, than in Europe it is present only here and in Spain, and between you go up some abandoned stay numerous rush and some Salicornie.

The lagoon accommodates a migratory avifauna and allocates them of particular interest which Calandra, the Verzellino, the Cardellino, the Gaza, the Cappellaccia and, between the wild species migratory, Garzette, Mignattai, Bigiarelle, Pittime real, Aironi and Ducks.

The warm and little deep waters of the lagoon are favorable for the increase of the posidonia that it represents numerous the ideal habitat for species of valuable fish also.

Is robtained through a service of motorboats and is visitable every day while the other islands, being private, are visitabili single previa authorization. 


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