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Case Colomba is situated on the main road which links the 187 and the A29 Palermo-Mazara motorway.

 Its excellent position makes it an ideal starting point for day trips to places of interest and the National Parks of Western Sicily.


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 The exact location of our houses is in the tiny village Murfi, no more than a few houses, which, along with a number of other villages, is right on the edge of the Buseto countryside. Together they make up the district of Buseto Palizzolo, an area where it is still possible to catch the rare sight of a living and working countryside.

 In ancient times, the road linking the two ancient Elime settlements of Erice and Segesta passed through this area. In 827 A.D. the Arabs revolutionised the layout of the countryside with the introduction of small holdings, new crops and new irrigation.  

The countryside of Western Sicily has its own particular character which make it different from other areas, possible it is arusult of the efforts of British entrerpreneurs in the eighteenth century who recognised the value of wine-growing and injected new life into the local contry. 

You can reach Case Colomba from:

A29 Palermo-Trapani - leave the motorway at the Fulgatore exit                               following                       signs to Ballata-Buseto Palizzolo 

SS187 Castellammare del Golfo Trapani turn off at Buseto Palizzolo  

Distance of Case Colomba from:

Erice Km. 17
Segesta Km. 20
Mothia Km. 30
Selinunte Km. 60
Marsala Km. 38
Zingaro Km. 18
Scopello Km 15
Cornino-mare Km. 10
San Vito Km. 25
Trapani Km. 10
Palermo Km. 70
Agrigento  Km. 145
Trapani Porto Km. 14
Aeroporto PA Km. 50


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