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       In no time atall from “Case Colomba”  you can reach a number of truly mythical places, some famous, others less so, but all equally fascinating and essential to an understading of this magical land.

         Travelling through the contryside, you'll find, even in the most desolate corner, the remains of its laboured and glorious past. Imposing Elime, Greek and Phoenician temples dominate the landscape of valleys, estuaries and natural inlets.

environment of Case Colomba

      In amongst the rolling hills, which are in turn pink with "sulla", green with the shoots of young corn and golden when the corn is ripe, are magnificent farm houses, which are a reminder of the Sicily of huge Roman, Byzanine and Norman estates.          

the sea of Case Colomba

Vineyards, interspersed with small oases of orchards and small holdings, are livings proof of the existence of Arabe villages. With the Norman Conquest, cathedrals and abbeys were imposed on the urban centres  and Medieval castles on the countryside.


From the highest vantage points you can see the huge semicircular bay of Castellammare, the Egadi islands, and the huge jagged chalk cliffs which rise majestically from the sea.

Numerous walks, offering a variety of scenery, can be found along the coastline: the wide, sandy beaches of  San Vito and Alcamo"Lo Zingaro" National Park , with its stunning bays of crystal-clear water, the amazing pinnacles of rock (faraglioni) at Scopello, the Marsala Lagoon . In perfect harmony with this abundance of unspoilt nature there are traces of human life: the ancient tuna factories, salt works, water mills and old harbour sites, which are evidence of the strong ties with this rich and beautiful land   

         In no time a tall you can visit a host of unforgettable places. However, we will try to give you some advice about those places which are absolutely "not to be missed".

         Archeological sites:        



Selinus the largest Greek colony in Western Sicily;

Segesta an Elima town with its Doric temple and magnificent theatre;

Agrigento and the Valley of the Temples;

The island of Mothia, one of the most important Phoenician towns;

The Cusa Quarries.

The seaside town of  San Vito Lo Capo, with its wide sandy beach  and      wonderful bay of clear, clean water.

Scopello, with its beach known as "Guidaloca", "I Faraglioni" (high pinnacles of rock jutting out of the sea), the old tuna processing site and the "baglio" (see above) from wherethe tiny village grew.

The magnificent archipelago of the Egadi Islands.

 The Medieval town of Erice.

 Marsala and Trapani, and in less than an hour, Palermo.

          The following National Parks:

           Lo Zingaro, Trapani salt pans reserve, the Lagoon Islands (Isole dello    Stagnone), The Egadi National Park.

         If you can stay longer than a week, you'll be able to discover even more places which are "off the beaten track", but in our opinion are well worth including in your visit.

            We hope that we have aroused your curiosity and that we will soon be able to welcome you to "Case Colomba".


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