Ecotourism - Case Colomba 

Nationl park of the province of Trapani


Forest of Alcamo 

Common: Alcamo – tel. 0924-25982

0924-590111 Fax. 0924590293

Agency manager:  Regional  Province of Trapani

Center reserves: 91011 Alcamo former hotel la “Funtanazza” tel. 0924-507629

Director reserves: A. Giordano


Belice estuary and dunes nature reserve 

Common: Castelvetrano

Agency manager: Regional Province of Trapani

Center reserves: 91002 Castelvetrano

A. Vivaldi street, 100 tel. 0924-46042

Director reserves: A. Giordano


Caves of Santa Ninfa 

Common: Santa Ninfa

Agency manager: Ambient Alloy

Center reserves: 91029 Santa Ninfa

Sant’Anna street, 101

tel. 0924-62376 Fax. 0924-62360

Director reserves: G. Casamento


 Egadi Islands/Sea Reserves  

Island: Favignana, Levanzo, Marettimo

Agency  manager: harbour-masters's office Trapani

Common: Favignana tel. 0923-923283

Fax. 0923-921403


Islands of the Stagnone of Marsala 

Common: Marsala

Agency manager: Regional Province of Trapani

Center reserves; 91025 Marsala, former  colonia Sutana colony. Tel. 0923-957897

Director  Reserve: A. Giordano


Lake Preola and Gorghi tondi 

Common: Mazara del Vallo

Agency manager:  WWF Italy

91016 Mazara del Vallo  Maccagnone street,2b

tel. 0923-834055 Fax. 0923-834055


Mount Cofano 

Common: Custonaci  tel. 0923-911711

tel. 0923-971046 Fax. 0923-973422

Agency manager: company FF.DD.R.S.

Responsible: ing. M. Spatafora

90143 Palermo. Libertà street, 97

tel. 091-7906811 fax. 091-7906801


Saline of Trapani and Paceco  

Common: Trapani, Paceco

Agency manager: WWF Italy

Center reserves: 91027 Paceco

Contrada Nuba – Garibaldi street, 138

tel. 0923-867700 Fax. 0923-867700

Director reserves: A. Giordano



Common: Castellammare del Golfo, San Vito Lo Capo

Agency manager: Azienda FF.DD.R.S.

Center reserves: 91010 Castellammare del Golfo

Locality Scopello – San Michele street, 4

tel. 0924-541197 Fax. 0924-541096

Responsibile: ing. M. Spatafora


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